Cabo Body update

Everybody is a Cabo body….right?

So a few days before leaving for Cabo I decided to embrace my urge to ditch dieting and toss my scale into the trash once and for all. I got over the idea of there ever being a convenient or perfect time to repair my relationship with my body and food. I committed to working my booty off (not literally) to learn to eat and exercise intuitively and accept my body at whatever size it ends up when I stop obsessively micromanaging it.

Cabo was a success in that respect, I ate foods that satisfied me and worked out a few times because it felt good. I threw on my bikini and even posted a brave picture in it on IG. And the biggest win for me this weekend was resisting the scale in my hotel room and putting it out of sight.


But for me vacations have always been the easiest time for me to eat intuitively. I think that’s because I’m with so many people and I go with the flow and eat whats available and give myself more grace and kindness in that situation. When I’m at home I have all the control over what I eat and when I eat etc and the pressure gets put on. So being home now is going to be when the real intuitive eating/exercising journey begins. I plan on immersing myself fully in figuring out how to heal and giving myself grace throughout this process.


Quick workout with the bride

Anyways, back to Cabo. It was a wonderful week full of friends, a not so terrific tropical storm Lidia and a beautiful wedding! I even got a pretty good tan considering the storm shut down the pool half the time we were there.


To all of those who are experiencing so much worse than a small tropical storm you are in my thoughts and prayers.



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